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s I have previously stated in this column, I

am not a fan of Dave Cameron, the incum-

bent president of the West Indies Cricket

Board (WICB), as while it would be disingenuous of

me to label him a non-performer, I must also admit

that I am not a supporter of his leadership style.

In fact, my discomfort with Cameron’s leadership style was

the reason I had no difficulty accepting the initial decision by

the William ‘Billy’ Heaven-led Jamaica Cricket Association

(JCA) not to support him in his upcoming presidential face-off

against Barbadian former West Indies fast bowler, Joel


Unlike some local cricket administrators and fans, I don’t

see anything unpatriotic or treacherous in supporting Garner

for the presidency of the WICB, especially if the general feel-

ing is that he is the better candidate. I would consider it a

monumental act of dishonesty to vote against a good candi-

date solely because he is not Jamaican.


Frankly speaking, I am somewhat wary that, after voting in

a democratic manner to support Garner, the JCA was seem-

ingly bullied into changing its original position because

persons with insular agendas, which run contrary to the view

that we are one West Indian family, decided that Jamaica

must support a Jamaican, no matter what.

Based on what I have read about Garner’s stewardship as

president of the Barbados Cricket Association, it would

appear that he is strong, organised, and decisive; traits that

Cameron failed to exhibit in the lead-up to the circumstances

that caused the West Indies team to abandon the 2014 tour of


As I have stated in previous columns, I believe that Cameron

was primarily responsible for the circumstances which

ultimately caused the players to abort the tour of India, a

situation that has brought the region’s cricket into disrepute

and did serious damage to our once-impeccable reputation.

In allowing the players to leave the region for India without

signed contracts and then failing to jump on a plane to India

when the players sought his intervention in their dispute with

the West Indies Players Association (WIPA), I believe Cameron

blundered badly and showed extremely poor judgement.

As president of the WICB, the buck stops with Cameron. It

was his business to take the bull by the horns and offer deci-

sive leadership when the circumstances in India demanded it.

Had he done so, I believe the WICB would not now be facing

the mammoth multimillion-dollar lawsuit, which the Indians

have filed.


Speaking of inept leadership, it will be interesting to see

what action the JCA will take against St James Cricket

Association (StJCA) president, Cecil Fletcher, who, having ten-

dered his resignation when the JCA initially voted to support

Garner, subsequently went on a campaign aimed at toppling

JCA boss Heaven.

Based on the stance Fletcher took in resigning and subse-

quent action to have the original decision reversed, it would

appear that he has no stomach for the principles of democracy,

which leaves one to question his capacity to function as a

team player and operate by consensus.

On principle, I hope the JCA would accept Fletcher’s

resignation, because his current action seems to indicate that

he would not have difficulty going the renegade route in the

future, if things are not going his way. If I were in the

president’s chair, for the sake of stability and good order, I

certainly would not want him around.

Feel free to send your feedback to


West Indies Cricket Board President Dave Cameron (left) and

the West Indies Players Association boss, Wavell Hinds.

Joel Garner


JCA capitulation versus patriotism