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obbi Kristina Brown has under-

gone a tracheotomy. The daugh-

ter of the late Whitney Houston

underwent the surgical procedure

this week, which will allow her to

breathe through her neck via a small

incision, to help prevent the chances

of an infection as she currently fights

for her life in a coma.

A source told

: “The tra-

cheotomy is a different place for the tube to

go. Everything else remains the same. It’s a

waiting game.

The family is hoping and waiting. It’s a

normal procedure to have the tracheotomy

because, if you have a breathing tube down

there for a long time, it can cause an infec-

tion. She is still critical and we don’t know

what the outcome will be. No one is giving

up on this kid.”

The 21-year-old aspiring actress has been

on life support in hospital since she was

found face-down, unresponsive, in a bath-

tub at her home in Georgia on January 31.

Her father Bobby Brown and her other

relatives have remained at her bedside

since the tragedy and are hopeful that the

youngster will make a full recovery after

showing signs of improvement.


Her aunt, Leolah Brown, said recently:

“I’m very hopeful everything will be okay

with Krissi. There are so many signs showing

us she will be okay in spite of what people

are saying. Krissi is fine, as I sit here before

you today.”

Police have launched a criminal investiga-

tion to find out what happened to Bobbi in

the lead-up to the tragedy.

Bobbi Kristina

gets tracheotomy

Bobbi Kristina Brown


shton Kutcher keeps a pros-

thetic penis in his trailer.

The 37-year-old actor car-

ries the artificial body part with

him to every set in case he’s

forced to drop his pants on camera,

and he admits the bizarre prop

came in handy when he was per-

forming his debut episode for

Two and A Half Men

in 2003.

Speaking on



Wednesday, his co-star, Jon

Cryer, 49, said: “There was a

very clear moment. In the very

first episode that Ashton was in

there was a point at which he

was supposed to be completely

naked in front of me. We didn’t

know how to do that in front of

the live studio audience without

him actually being naked, ‘cause

the whole point was, it was

supposed to shock people.”

He added: “We said, ‘We’re

gonna have to cover him up

somehow, but it still has to be

shocking.’ Everybody was trying,

people were working this over in

the writers’ room, and then

Ashton pipes in, ‘Oh, I’ve got a

huge prosthetic penis in my trailer!’“

Ashton was clearly unfazed by

the revelation and said: “Doesn’t

everyone?” He then turned to the

comedian and added: “You, too,

can have one made. I had these

web shorts that I did for my

company and we were producing

these various web shorts, like

hidden camera things.”


Kutcher keeps

a spare penis

Ashton Kutcher

Halle Berry pressured

to get plastic surgery

Halle Berry


alle Berry feels a lot of

pressure to have plastic


The 48-year-old actress

admits she is often encouraged

to go under the knife to main-

tain her youthful appearance,

and claims cosmetic procedures

are like crack in Hollywood.

She said: “It is pressure.

When you see everybody

around you doing it, you have

those moments when you think,

‘To stay alive in this business,

do I need to do the same


“I won’t lie and tell you that

those things don’t cross my

mind, because somebody is

always suggesting it to me. It’s

almost like crack that people

are trying to push on you.

That’s what I feel like.”



star is determined

to try to grow old gracefully.

She told Yahoo Beauty’s editor-

in-chief, Bobbi Brown: “I just

want to always look like myself,

even if that’s an older version

of myself. I think when you do

too much of that cosmetic stuff,

you become somebody else in

a way. I’ve just kept reminding

myself that beauty really is as

beauty does, and it is not so

much about my physical self.

Aging is natural, and that’s

going to happen to all of us.”

The Oscar winner also looks up

to older actress like Jane

Fonda, 77, who she thinks is

still very glamorous.

She said: “I don’t know what

she has or hasn’t done, but she

looks beautiful as she’s going

about her way.”